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Representatives of Polish and Latvian LIFE projects meet in Latvian mires

On 23 and 22 August 2017, a meeting between representives of two Polish LIFE projects and Latvian and Polish representatives of LIFE Peat Restore project was held in Latvia. Poland was represented by a non-governmental organisation Klub Przyrodnikow (Naturalists’ Club) which currently implements two LIFE projects aimed at restoring alkaline fens: Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of the northern Poland (LIFE11 NAT/PL/00042) and Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland (LIFE13 NAT/PL/000024). Latvia was represented by experts from the University of Latvia, the LIFE Peat Restore project partner.

During the meeting, the representatives of both countries visited several mire restoration areas in Latvia, including Lake Engure Nature Park, one of three Latvian LIFE Peat Restore project areas. In this site, the project actions are aimed at restoring an alkaline fen dominated by Schoenus ferrugineus and Cladium mariscus – filling up of a ditch, and removal of excessive tree cover and expansive herbaceous species are planned. In spite of rainy weather, the discussions during the field trip were fruitful and inspiring. The experts discussed the potential solutions which could be applied in this particular and similar cases, to compare the approaches used in Poland and Latvia, and costs of restoration. The methods applied in similar cases are somewhat different in both countries, whereas the costs do not differ much.

This meeting provided a good opportunity to share restoration experiences of both countries in an informal atmosphere while visiting the Latvian fen and bog areas. The opinions will be useful for Latvian experts to choose the best restoration options for Engure fens.










Polish and Latvian expert teams in an alkaline fen near Lake Engure.