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Water regime restoration works begun in the Suursoo restoration area

In mid-July after the bird breeding season, water regime restoration works begun in the Estonian project area in Suursoo. The restoration will reduce the draining effect of ditches that have been built in the area for long time, extending to around 46 km.

Both, shallow overgrown ditches and deep and wide ditches have been draining the previous open sedge fen for about a hundred year period.

Mostly, peat dams will be built on the ditches. Two ditches (Kaldemäe and Piirsalu) can not be closed because  they serve as the migration routes for salmon (more detailed explanation here).  Peat dams parallel to these ditches will be built on both sides of the ditches as a solution for protecting fish migration routes and for keeping water on the mire surface. These peat walls should prevent water from flowing rapidly into the ditches and therefore water can seep into peat.

Bulldozer first cleaning the ditch bank of trees and bushes, before building dams

A total of 46 km of bulldozer trails will be cleared, 175 peat dams and more than 12 km of peat dams parallel to salmon spawn routs will be built.

To ensure the best approach from the beginning, experts from the State Forest Management Centre and Tallinn University met representatives of contractor Timberstone OÜ and visited the area together, where technical details related to the work were discussed.

Before starting, experts from Tallinn University and State Forest Management Center together with a contractor carrying out hydrological restoration work, Timberstone OÜ discussed the technical details of the restoration work.