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LIFE Peat Restore’s 4th Monitoring Protocol is now published

Every year the Peat Restore team prepares a comprehensive assessment of the project’s overall performance. The Protocol covers all project activities conducted in 2020. Among other things, this includes the methodology applied for the greenhouse gas (GHG) measurements using chambers, mapping of the sites for the application of the GEST technique to estimate GHG emissions … read more

LIFE “Peat Restore” project results presented at the International Scientific Conference at the University of Latvia

Traditionally, the International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia is held at the beginning of year, now already for the 79th time. Topics from all scientific fields are discussed during 130 sessions from January until March. In 2021 two presentations were given by the LIFE “Peat Restore” project Latvian team. On February 4, at … read more

As LIFE Peat Restore advances, the EU’s CAP regresses

LIFE Peat Restore’s 2020 The year of 2020 has finally ended. Like everyone else, the LIFE Peat Restore team had to endure the challenges presented to us by these unprecedented circumstances. National borders were closed, events postponed indefinitely, as well as the interruption of services crucial for the project implementation; not to mention the difficulties … read more

IN MEMORIAM Prof. Dr Romas Pakalnis

We mourn the loss of Prof. Dr Romas Pakalnis on the 20th of September, 2020. Lithuanian society, science, nature conservation and cultural heritage communities, as well as a small family of peatland restoration practitioners and international team of the project LIFE Peat Restore lost Prof. Dr Romas Pakalnis, an outstanding person, whose whole life was … read more

Young Europeans put pressure on politicians to protect peatlands

The international youth organization Re-Peat, a youth-led collective, is putting pressure on EU politicians to pay more attention to the protection and restoration of peatlands in the new agricultural strategy. To this effect, a collection of essays entitled Peat Anthology was compiled. It reflects young people’s vision and concern for their future living environment. They … read more